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Sissy New Year's resolutions?

I resolve to be like this
and not worry about
what people think!
Have you made any? Are you sticking to any of them!

I make the usual one of trying to lose weight! It's a battle every year, but I am not doing too badly! I like to eat but I also like to exercise!

But as far as sissy resolutions, I think I would like to be more outwardly sissy and transgendered, meaning I need to have what people think of me for how I am to bother me less. If you are a lifelong sissy like I am, the way people have thought of you has concerned you your entire life as well. Right?

Why do we let that happen! I just want to be me! Why in the world can't I just be me! Why can't you just be you!

See the photo of the girl in her tank top and short shorts? I often dress like that in public. But other times I worry that maybe I should not go certain places dressed like that. But you see high school and college girls dressing like that all over the place. Why can't I do the same thing! I sometimes relent and put on longer shorts and a T-shirt. Why do we have to do stuff like that!

So one of my resolutions would be to not let what people think bother me and just be the way I am and dress the I want.

I am a sissy! So what! I have always been a sissy! Why should I hide it? Other people who different in some way or another don't have to hide it!

So I resolve to wear my short shorts anywhere I want to! Where my skimpy tank top that shows my little titties! Carry my purse! Wear my girlie sunglasses! Show off my shaved legs!

What to you think about that? And what would you like to do in this new year?
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